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Do you have a great business idea and the passion for success?


To receive a start up loan and FREE Rockstar Mentoring you need to:

    • Complete a 2 Page Online Application Form
    • Download the Business Plan Template and Complete as much as you can prior to the incubator.

      PLEASE NOTE:  If you cannot complete ALL of it now, you CAN STILL ATTEND the Incubator. But please answer as much of it now for your own benefit.

    • Book and Attend an Incubator of your choice.

Footage from a Rockstar Youth Incubator.

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Rockstar Youth Start up Loan Criteria

1.     Application

Full completed application via Rockstar Youth website

2.     Incubator Attendance

Must complete a full day at a Rockstar Youth Business Incubator and have been signed off

3.     Submission of documentation

This must be at the application stage and followed up with your assigned facilitator for submission to Loan Approvals Team:

  • Business Plan
  • Scanned Photo ID – Passport, Drivers Licence or Birth Certificate
  • Scanned Bank Statement – less than 3 months old with name, address, account number and sort-code

The Loan Application will be assessed on:

  • Punctual attendance and involvement at the incubator
  • Completeness of application and business plan
  • Feasibility and effectiveness of ALL sections of your business plan
  • Effective and realistic financials

You will work with your assigned facilitator who will be going through EACH of the sections of the business plan IN A GROUP AT THE INCUBATOR. It is there you will have the opportunity to begin adding and revising your business plans based on the above requirements ,ask questions and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

Incubators are typically run between 9:30am and 5:30pm so please allow a full days attendance.

At the end of the incubator, if you believe you have completed all answers in line with our requirements you will be able to submit to your documents to the facilitator to begin the review process and eventual loan decision.  If you require more time AFTER the incubator to complete the information then you are able to do so and submit when ready.

The more you complete of your plan BEFORE the incubator the faster you will be able to submit your completed plan.

The Rockstar Lending Managers will review and provide a decision within 5 working days of submission; this is subject to any further information required or secondary review by start up loans at which point the client will be notified.

It is your responsibility to produce the best possible submissions to be awarded this loan if you are struggling on any aspect or need advice on how to complete the templates simply contact  and we will get our team in touch to work with you.

Are you ready to go? If so click the button below and get started.

If you require templates for the above click the button and download to your desktop.

What is the Startup Loans Programme?

The Startup Loans programme is a £112m government backed programme led by Lord Young (Enterprise Advisor to David Cameron) and James Caan (Chairman of Startup Loans Company).

The aim is to stimulate more business start-ups by providing a cash injection from £2,500 to £10,000 by means of a loan and mentoring to support the entrepreneur and business.

How does the Rockstar Youth Programme Work?

Rockstar Youth have developed a robust process based on the experience they have in delivering incubators, mentoring and investments.  The process has 3 straightforward steps:

Step 1: Apply Online

Complete the online application form by answering 4 simple questions and select one of the open incubator dates

Step 2: Attend Incubator

The incubator is a full day event where you will work with facilitators and mentors on aspects of your business and loan application. At this stage your loan application will be processed and you will receive either the loan approval or a set of recommendations on what needs to be completed before bringing application back for approval

Step 3: Mentoring

Rockstar Group the parent company to Rockstar Youth is the UK’s leading private mentoring and investment portal. The Rockstar mentors all have successfully started, scaled and sold businesses for an average of £18m.

As a part of the ongoing commitment to supporting the development of your business you will have monthly mentoring sessions with Rockstar mentors

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